Leave A Bequest

By leaving a bequest to ASDOG, after providing for family and loved ones, you can help us to continue our mission into the future … of training accredited assistance dogs to enhance the independence of people with physical disabilities.

Bequest and donation monies are vital to ASDOG, and are used to directly support the special puppies, dogs and graduates in our programs. A bequest can be anything from a small specified donation to an entire estate. Whatever your contribution, it will be greatly valued, and make a significant difference to the ongoing success and operation of Australian Support Dogs.

It may be beneficial to discuss your will, and intent to leave a charitable bequest, with your family and solicitor to ensure your wishes are honoured. There are different ways you can leave a bequest to ASDOG.

  • Specific bequest: leave a specified sum of money, an asset or a gift in your Will.
  • General bequest: leave your entire estate, a percentage of your estate or a specified share, after all debts and expenses have been paid.
  • Residual bequest: leave a specified share or percentage of your residuary estate, after all debts and expenses have been paid, and assets and gifts distributed.


Thank you very much for considering ASDOG as a beneficiary in your will. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information 1300 788 721