Leave A Bequest

Every gift is appreciated enormously and benefits the entire community working together at Australian Support Dogs, Inc.

What kind of bequest?

If you decide to leave a bequest to Australian Support Dogs, Inc it is important that your will is clear and concise, to ensure that your original intentions are followed.

Brief information about bequests is provided here as a general guide. However, Australian Support Dogs, Inc is happy to consult with you or your adviser on wording or details. We do recommend that you speak with your legal adviser before making any decisions regarding the eventual distribution of your estate.

A bequest to Australian Support Dogs, Inc may take the form of a:

  • residuary gift
    You may nominate the ASDOGS to receive the balance of your estate after providing for your family and close friends.
  • pecuniary gift or fixed cash amount
    You may give a specific amount of money. This does not allow for changes in your circumstances or for inflation.
  • percentage pledge
    You may leave a percentage of your estate to  ASDOGS
  • gift of property
    You may include stocks, bonds, real estate, insurance policies, antiques, jewellery or any other realisable assets as gifts in your will.
  • contingent bequest
    You may appoint the Library as an alternative beneficiary: that is, if the person or organisation named in your will does not survive you then the Library can be named in their place.

How we may use a bequest

Australian Support Dogs’ preference is for bequests which do not restrict the use of assets or monies to provide us with the flexibility to meet our greatest needs as they change over time. All monies are held in trust, accounted for in annual reporting, and used only in accordance with ASDOG policy and within the requirements of the applicable federal legislation, and are administered according to the relevant trust deed.

Suggested wording for your will

Please download the wording for your bequest here.