Australian Support Dogs, Inc (ASDOG) is a not for profit organisation that raises, trains and places accredited assistance dogs with people with physical disabilities. Assistance Dogs learn a vast array of skilled tasks to give their recipients the remarkable gift of greater independence and enhanced quality of life.

What we do

ASDOG provides professionally trained assistance dogs to people with physical disabilities free of charge. Each puppy progresses through a 2 year training program to prepare them for their future role as an assistance dog. Beginning in the home of a volunteer puppy raiser, the assistance dog journey is founded on a happy home environment and an abundance of social opportunities! Dogs in training then participate in a 12 month advanced program of intensive obedience, skilled tasks and public access training before being matched with a recipient and undergoing the team training required for a proficient working partnership.

How we do it

ASDOG was established with the generosity of public donation and a compassionate and dedicated volunteer base. Today we continue our proud history of giving back to the community that supports us. ASDOG sincerely thanks its supporters who give our puppies the rewarding and responsible opportunity of growing up to be accredited assistance dogs.


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