An assistance dog will retain its skills for life and reward you day after day with increased independence and devoted companionship.

After a recipient and their assistance dog have completed team training and passed the graduation assessment and ADI Public Access Test, ASDOG will continue to monitor and assess the dog’s skills, obedience, welfare and health. At least one progress meeting with an ASDOG trainer is conducted within the first month, and at least two additional progress meetings with a trainer or nominated ASDOG representative within the first six months. The graduate is required to submit monthly written progress reports for the first six months and annually thereafter.

All ASDOG graduates then meet with a trainer at least annually to participate in a Partnership Evaluation and ADI Public Access Test. These meetings provide the opportunity for graduates to discuss any concerns with a trainer, and for ASDOG to ensure their teams have maintained a happy and effective working relationship. The ASDOG Management Committee is available to assist with training and/or public access advocacy issues at any time following graduation.