Advanced Skills Training

Living with an ASDOG trainer from approximately 12 months of age, dogs participate in a 12 month advanced training program of intensive obedience, skilled tasks and public access training.

The dogs are fully trained to international standards using positive motivational training for the specialised tasks they will be required to perform, and the public areas they may have to access.

Above all, an assistance dog is trained to perform tasks that will increase the independence and safety of their future recipient. The tasks the dogs do are many and varied; everyday household tasks that are difficult or near to impossible for the person to achieve.

  • Open & close cupboards, doors & refrigerators.
  • Pick up dropped items.
  • Retrieve items from tables, cupboards, drawers & people.
  • Load & unload frontloading washing machines.
  • Carry baskets.
  • Remove clothing e.g. jackets, socks.
  • Pull a basket on wheels.
  • Open & close wheelchair footplates.
  • Adjust blankets & doonas.
  • Seek help for their recipient.


An Assistance Dog learns over 50 cues at their own individual pace, in a range of different environments. Dogs are prepared for Team Training, and are placed with a recipient upon reaching adequate emotional maturity.