Team Training

Recipients are carefully matched with a dog that is well-suited to their specific lifestyle, and complete a 2-3 week training course with a selection of pre and post course activities and meetings.

The bonding and tuition period of learning how to live and work with an assistance dog commences with pre-training meetings. They serve to maximise a smooth transition for the dog to his or her new home, to identify required equipment modifications and to determine additional tasks required of the partner dog. Most importantly, they lay the foundations for building a close friendship and successful working relationship between recipient and assistance dog.

An intensive 2-3 week training course incorporates all regular activities undertaken and localities commonly visited by the recipient. A comprehensive program covers general canine care and health management, tasks and reward based training in both public and private settings, behaviour management, accessing public venues and all modes of public transport.

Team training culminates in a graduation assessment and Public Access Test as determined by Assistance Dogs International. Recipients are given an identification card, ASDOG dog jackets and all other equipment designed to assist them with their new partnership.

ASDOG trainers continue to monitor and support their recipients and assistance dogs for the life of the partnered teams.