ASDOG is committed to placing only those dogs with an exceptional standard of health and temperament in its puppy raising and graduate programs.

Puppy Adoption

Occasionally a puppy doesn’t meet the high standard required to fulfill a successful working partnership and the ASDOG Management Committee has to make the difficult decision to withdraw it from the assistance dog program. Though this is very upsetting and disappointing for the puppy, its volunteer puppy raiser and the committee, the reasons for program withdrawal have a negligible effect on the puppy’s new life as an adopted family pet.

Retired Assistance Dog Adoption

After years of devoted service and companionship ASDOG recipients commonly choose to keep their retired assistance dog within their family unit. If this is not possible the Management Committee will locate a suitable adopter for the aging dog to share a quiet lifestyle with. There is no official retirement age for assistance dogs; they simply work for as long as possible while they are healthy and happy to do so.