Puppy Raising

Valued puppy raisers provide Labrador and Golden Retriever puppies with a happy home and social upbringing: the vital first step in assisting ASDOG with its very important role of enhancing the independence of people with physical disabilities.

People raise puppies for many reasons. They may like to volunteer for a worthwhile cause, they may like to have a dog without the usual 10 to 15 year commitment or they may just simply love puppies! Of course it’s not easy giving up a trained puppy, but there’s always the satisfaction of knowing that your puppy will go on to provide the increased safety, companionship and independence only made possible by an assistance dog.

Labradors and Golden Retrievers are chosen from breeders at 8 – 10 weeks of age and placed in a Puppy Raiser’s home until they are approximately 12 months old. Puppy Raisers are involved in guiding their puppy in many areas including:

  • Socialisation
  • Good house manners
  • Basic obedience
  • Daily play and exercise
  • Travel training
  • Accessing the community


ASDOG provides full support and training for its Puppy Raisers, cares for their puppies if they go on holidays and covers all major expenses including food and veterinary procedures.

If you would like to raise an ASDOG puppy for its future role as an accredited assistance dog, please ensure you meet the following eligibility criteria, submit your details below or send us a Puppy Raiser Application form. Eligible ASDOG puppy raisers:

  • Provide a safe home environment for a puppy with an enclosed yard
  • Work closely with ASDOG monitoring the puppy’s progress
  • Ensure the puppy sleeps inside the house
  • Leave the puppy home alone for no longer than 4 hours per day
  • Reside in the greater Sydney metropolitan area


ASDOG welcomes enquiries from potential puppy raisers 1300 788 721

Email: information@asdog.org.au

Thank you for your interest in raising a puppy for Australian Support Dogs Inc. Please complete all relevant fields below, return the application to ASDOG, and a representative will contact you.

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Please list the names of all household members and their relationship to you. (Name, relationship and age)

Please list details of current pets. (Type, breed and age)

Do you have a vehicle to transport the puppy?

If yes, what is the type of vehicle?

If you have raised assistance or guide dog puppies before please list the dates and organisations.

What pet dogs have you previously owned? (Breed, dates, what became of the dog?)

Are you able to provide written reports and attend regularly scheduled meetings and/or training sessions?

Growing puppies need to be walked twice a day in addition to many hours of play and interaction with the family. Who would provide daily exercise?

Do you feel that you will be able to emotionally handle the separation when the puppy is returned to ASDOG for formal assistance dog training?