Daniel and Assistance Dog Barnaby


After my long stay in hospital after my accident I wondered what could be out there to get me through my days where I wouldn’t be bored or have nothing to do. I soon caught the eye of a peer support worker who had an assistance dog!!

I was soon introduced to Barnaby, and we clicked very soon on. It started with him coming out with Ann for some home visits and getting him used to me, then a couple of park visits where we could throw a ball and Barnaby would come back to me and bench on the side of my chair to return the ball. Barnaby helps me by assisting with pushing doors closed or tugs them open with some rope we have placed on the handles. Also when I drop things off my lap he’s first on the scene to retrieve them for me. Barnaby can assist in tugging off of clothes such as my jumper – that’s really handy as I’m always getting stuck.

Since receiving Barnaby we have been shopping together, a couple of restaurants, other outings. We are going camping on the long weekend down the south coast to Lake Conjola and that we are looking forward to.

My famous quote “I would be very wealthy if I received a dollar for every time we are out and someone comments on how beautiful Barnaby is.”