Assistance Dogs International (ADI) Accreditation Process


ASDOG is proud to be a fully accredited member of Assistance Dogs International

The Assistance Dog International (ADI) accreditation process is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence through the promotion and achievement of industry wide compliance of established standards and practices. It is a voluntary peer-review process for ADI member organisations to determine if all current policies, procedures and organisational practices are in compliance with the established industry standards. To demonstrate compliance, participating organisations must submit a comprehensive portfolio of working documentation and undergo an accreditation survey by trained ADI assessors. This involves inspection of all operational sites, observation of services and activities such as dog training sessions, and interviews with a range of ASDOG personnel including students, graduates, puppy raisers trainers and Management Committee members. Following initial accreditation, organisations must demonstrate continuing compliance by submitting an Annual Statement of Accreditation Compliance. Organisations are required to undergo a re-accreditation assessment every 5 years.

ASDOG, being a fully accredited member of ADI, uses their minimum standards and ethics (listed below) to underpin all of its policies and programs.

  • Assistance Dogs in Public:

    Guidelines on the public appropriateness, behaviour and training expected of a dog working in the public.

  • Clients:

    Guidelines for the rights of clients partnered with an assistance dog and the rights of the community as understood by ADI.

  • Dog:

    Guidelines for the standards and ethics regarding the training and placing of assistance dogs.

  • Dog partners:

    Responsibilities of a person partnered with an assistance dog.

  • Programs:

    Standards for all member programs.

  • Service dogs:

    Guidelines for the minimum training standards for a service dog.

  • Trainers:

    Minimum guidelines for trainers.

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