Adopted Puppy Benni


Due to ongoing and future potential hip problems Bennett (Benni) was put up for adoption in December 2011. We are pleased to say that we are the lucky family that has adopted him! Benni has settled into his new home very well! He has in his subtle way become integrally part of our household – riding in the car, featuring in family photos, going to the beach and basically taking over our lives.

So here is one story of Benni… Benni loves our shoes and clothes. You might not think this is much of a problem, but putting on a slobbery shoe or shirt is no fun! Neither is finding them in the water bowl, the backyard or under the covers. It’s like he can’t go anywhere without taking a part of us with him… and he can be pretty sneaky about it! His favourite play is the “walk by” whereby he shows us what he has secured. In a more energetic state he has two other modes. The first is the “run by”, where he pinches the article on the fly and races around the house with it. And last but not least, we have “the sneaky”. In this swoop, he uses the bait and switch method. He’ll pick it up and wait until a treat is offered before he drops it! He hasn’t caught on yet that he doesn’t get the treat!

Benni tries to speak constantly and is most definitely the light of our lives!

The picture shows him learning to use the Skamper Ramp: in case he ever falls in our pool and cannot find the steps it provides a safe exit for him.


Thank you for letting him be a part of our lives,