John and Assistance Dog Ruby

Having to fend for myself was a daunting prospect at first. I was becoming frustrated with some things, such as trying to pick up something I’d dropped. I started to research ways to tackle these problems. When I found assistance dogs on the internet I thought that would be the answer.

Ruby helps me in so many ways. She has changed my life. First and foremost she has become my best friend. It’s hard to feel down when there‘s a big black wet nose in my face to wake me up.

We have our routine each day, and she knows what that is. We go for a walk every morning then when we get back it’s time for some R&R while I do some work. In the afternoon we practice basic tasks, and some new ones, and have a bit of play time. At night she helps me with taking off my shoes and socks and puts them in the box beside the chair. Other things that Ruby does for me are to open and close the front door when we go out, pick things up off the floor when I drop them, and bring me her feed bowl after she’s had dinner. Ruby is my constant companion and is always eager to help me in any way she can.