Application Process

ASDOG accepts applications for assistance dogs from adults who have a physical disability, can competently communicate with and instruct a dog and who reside in the greater Sydney metropolitan area.

The assistance dog application process ensures dogs are successfully partnered with dedicated and suitable recipients.

1. Pre-Application

Brief personal information is collected to determine an applicant’s eligibility for an assistance dog.

2. Telephone Interview

Preliminary discussions will confirm the applicant’s suitability to apply for an assistance dog and determine the tasks a dog could best support them with.

3. Application Pack

A completed application pack is required from all applicants and consists of an Assistance Dog Application Form, a Medical History Form and a Character Reference.

4. Home Interview

ASDOG representatives evaluate the applicant’s ability to work with and care for an assistance dog, review the equipment used by the applicant and evaluate the home environment for the safety and security of a dog.

5. Pre-training Meetings

Informal ‘meet and greet’ sessions act as a bonding period, maximising a smooth transition for the dog and its potential recipient.

6. Team Training

Recipients learn the cues, training techniques, and canine care needed to maintain an effective working team. Training is conducted in the recipient’s home, work and community environments.

7. Graduation

Team Training concludes with a graduation assessment and the Assistance Dogs International Public Access Test. ASDOG continues to monitor and assess the dog’s skills, obedience, welfare and health for the duration of the partnered team.