Emma and Assistance Dog Molly


Molly was donated to ASDOG from ASDOG NQ in April 2001 when she was 8 weeks old. She was initially called Donna but her name was officially changed to Molly after her potential recipient passed away soon after the successful team was formed. The change in name was recommended by a colleague at Guide Dogs and occurs regularly if a dog has to change recipients. The dog manages the change in name without difficulty.

Emma was successfully working as a features editor for a well-known magazine when she contracted multiple sclerosis. The condition caused impaired strength and balance. In November 2004 Molly, a calm and gentle Golden Retriever / Labrador mix, was accredited to work with recipient Emma. When Emma and Molly first met, it was love at first cuddle!

Emma could climb the stairs during the day but found it very hard in the evening when she was tired. Molly follows her up the stairs, puts her muzzle under Emma’s lower foot and pushes it up to the next step. She does this with each step, enabling Emma to get upstairs in the evenings. As Emma says, “My confidence at being at home increased, I didn’t feel by myself. My family was much happier to leave me at home. It gave me peace of mind.”

Molly and Emma worked as a successful team completing mainly home based tasks until 2009. In 2010 when Molly was about to turn ten, the Management Committee visited Molly and Emma and deemed it appropriate to retire Molly from work. Molly was very much loved and well looked after, and Emma and her family were very happy to adopt Molly to keep her within their family unit.

We wish Molly a long and happy retirement.